Share of agriculture in GDP : 28%
Implementation of the National Program for Agricultural Investment (NAIP), one of whose objectives is to attract private Investors and facilitate their implementation, in order to be able to transform at least 50% of the agricultural production locally
Total area of the plantations of Cocoa :2.500.000 ha
Total area of the plantations of cashew nuts : 1.350.000 ha
Total area of rubber plantations : 650.000 ha
Infrastructure sector
Investments in mobility (increase galloping demography city).
Port and airport facilities (expansion of the ports of Abidjan and San Pedro, construction of new dry ports in the hinterland) ; airport (modernization of the airport of San Pedro, the creation of the aero-city to Abidjan);
Rail (rehabilitation of the chemin de fer Abidjan-Ouagadougou), and the start of the work of the metro Abidjan.
Construction and urban planning
The urban renewal of the city of Abidjan.
The rehabilitation of the housing stock of the State.
The construction of social housing (urban population growth).
Share in GDP : 4%.
The mineral resources are : iron, bauxite, nickel, diamond, manganese, and gold.
Construction of new mines.
Infrastructure needs sports.
Organization of African Nations Cup in 2023 (+$40 billion invested for 3 stages).
Waste, water, sanitation
Collection, sorting and recycling of solid waste, industrial, electrical, and electronics.
Tourism and hospitality
Construction of hotels in the favour of the CDN 2023 in Côte d'ivoire.
Development of the coastline of Port-Bouët (virgin seafront of 10 Km. Located at the exit Abidjanthe site will be composed of several modules : A development of the waterfront for walks, cycle paths).
Development of a water park Assinie.
Export of cashew nuts
Export of rubber