We are a law firm specializing in International Co-operation and international development of companies in Côte d'ivoire and West Africa. We are acting at the same time for the promotion of investment in local communities.


Fostering the industrialization of the african economy.


Participate in the development of territorial communities in order to promote their autonomy and create an industrial centre.

A word from the CEO

With the economic crisis related to the COVID-19, the economy of côte d'ivoire is shown as being one of the most resilient, with a growth rate of 2% in 2020. In a context of paradigm change in the international order, it appears wise to the economies of african position, diversify their trade and to attract capital in order to implement their strategy of development for the well-being of populations.

Our goal is to participate in the attractiveness of the regions of côte d'ivoire, in synergy with the National Development Programme 2021-2025 the Government of Côte d'ivoire, which has the goal of making private investment vector of economic growth in the country, but especially Industrialization.’

Ghislain MAIZAN

Entrepreneur / Founder